GRACEDBYGRIT foundation Mission 

The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation recognizes young women who participate in athletics as an opportunity to discover and develop their GRIT while embracing their GRACE through the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation scholarship fund.

Scholarship Fund

The GRACEDBYGRIT foundation Scholarship Fund provides scholarship opportunities for female student-athletes pursuing athletic participation at the collegiate level.

How to Get involved


All donations to the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation goes directly to the foundation and the scholarship fund.


Want to help out at our next event? Contact Us and let us know how you’d like to get involved!


1% of all revenues from the HYLETE’s women line goes back to the GRACEDBYGRIT foundation.

“Something happens when girls play sports — they embody the experience of not just of winning, but the critical experience of losing. It’s that process of carrying on and clearing hurdles that really builds confidence. It’s an incredibly useful proving ground for business and leadership.”

Claire Shipman